Sustainability is no longer a luxury investment or an eleventh-hour consideration – it’s a strategic imperative. Paydirt’s sustainability consultants devise powerful strategies that align stewardship initiatives with our client’s core business objectives and deliver maximum benefit to their triple bottom line.

Accelerate Your Progress
Time is money. Pressure from investors, customers, employees and NGOs continues to mount. Are you satisfied with the speed of progress in sustainability at your company?

Our team brings deep sustainability expertise, proven methodologies and a client-centric approach to empower your internal team to be more successful in a shorter amount of time. Think of us as your personal trainer – we bring the sustainability tools and experience, so you can focus your efforts and achieve your goals.

Capitalize On Your CSR Investment
Fight the perception that a lot of time and money is spent on sustainability without any measurable return. Communicate your progress to build market share and strengthen connections with the audiences that matter most. At Paydirt, we build sound communications strategy into the heart of every program to:

  • Build your brand
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Recruit and engage employees
  • Protect your reputation

Let Paydirt help craft your unique sustainability story so you can grow your business and make a lasting impact.

Break Free from the Status Quo
Sustainable innovation is the holy grail for every sustainably-minded company. But you can’t transform your business unless you challenge the status quo and look “outside the corporate box” to unearth new opportunities. Sustainability is too multifaceted for any one department to manage singlehandedly – it requires the perspective and skills of every functional area.

At Paydirt, we take a hybrid thinking approach to tackling complex sustainability challenges. We view each problem through the lens of EHS, facilities, operations, human resources, sales, marketing, communications, IT and finance – and then design integrated solutions that work. We’ll harness your internal power so you can graduate from low-hanging fruit to market leadership.