“The Paydirt and Zydeco collaboration delivered a CSR Report that blended smart sustainability content with exceptional design. They worked closely with our internal reporting team to ensure the sustainability message aligned with our overall brand and goals.”
Stan Mierzejewski
Senior Manager, Sustainability
Tennant Company
“Paydirt helped our internal sustainability leadership team understand how Land O’Lakes is positioned among our key stakeholders and competitors, and provided us with a strategic roadmap for improving CSR reporting through increased transparency.”
Greg Somerville
Former Director of Sustainability
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
“Sustainability is an important consideration for our customers, employees, suppliers and many other stakeholders. Paydirt has provided us with outstanding guidance and expertise to assess what we’re already doing, plan next steps, measure our results and learn an approach that we can use into the future. We’re even decreasing expense and having fun along the way!”
Laura Gillund
Vice President Human Resources
C.H. Robinson Worldwide
“The executive education session that Paydirt and Wenck prepared was insightful, timely and very successful at spurring progress inside our company. With the information they compiled through their all-employee survey and industry research, we were able to make a strong case for renewing our focus on internal sustainable operations. It was fantastic to have a platform to engage our senior leadership in a robust conversation around our broader sustainability strategy.”
Stan Mierzejewski
Senior Manager, Sustainability
Tennant Company
“Paydirt’s collaborative environmental assessment process armed us with the tools necessary to measure and track our environmental progress over time. In addition, Paydirt highlighted practical strategies to maximize our investment in Target Field’s green building features by emphasizing sustainable operational practices and enhanced communication with our fan base.”
John McEvoy
Manager, Ballpark Operations
Minnesota Twins
“Working with Paydirt, it was clear that they understood and embraced Washburn’s mission. They highlighted opportunities for cost savings in the short-term, working within our resource limitations, but also demonstrated how sustainability can strengthen our organization,
providing a roadmap for long-term growth.”

Marcy Tollefson
HR & Operations Director
Washburn Center for Children
“Paydirt has been invaluable to us as we work to achieve a smaller carbon footprint and a larger leadership role in our industry. They have provided us with resources to help us “green up” our operations. In addition, they have helped us to strategize about future direction and provided necessary structure to our process. We’re actually making great progress, and I credit Paydirt with helping to make that happen!”
Colleen M. Carey
The Cornerstone Group
“The EcoChallenge that Paydirt organized for our firm retreat was not only a great competition, but also very valuable for team-building. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and our firm highly recommends Paydirt to create a unique and enjoyable team event for your organization.”
Shanna Strowbridge
Monroe Moxness Berg, P.A.
“We’re exceptionally pleased with the progress of our employee green team. We couldn’t have done it without you!”
Bob Tomaschko
Human Resources Director
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
“Paydirt gives a competitive advantage to companies in today’s market. With Paydirt’s assistance, we were able to provide our client both environmental and economic considerations for our proposed marketing solution, setting them up for a larger ROI and making their decision to go forward with our services a win-win.”
Julie Havemeier
Innovation and Trends
Iq Marketing
“Paydirt demonstrated how Guardian Angels could truly embrace sustainability as part of its mission – improving stewardship through cost-conscious sustainable practices and educational programs that build environmental awareness among students, families and the community at large.”
Nancy Ronhovde
Guardian Angels Catholic School
“Paydirt approached the sustainability process for a firm of our
size based not on a cookie cutter approach, but on what our business culture could support. We were impressed with the personalized attention and customization Paydirt provided, and we intend to continue our relationship with Paydirt to broaden and support our sustainability efforts over time.”

Mary Franklin
Former Chief Operating Officer
Monroe Moxness Berg, P.A.
“Paydirt led us through an efficient and manageable process to help us understand, quantify and verify carbon emissions company-wide. Paydirt’s recommendations provided a useful roadmap for enhancing reporting in the future by prioritizing critical action steps and understanding our unique market position.”
Vic Hammer
EHS Director
Land O’Lakes, Inc.