Our core services include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Program Design, Implementation and Measurement
  • Strategic CSR Communications

Our clients appreciate our capacity to rapidly identify and convey the sustainability trends and drivers affecting their business. We develop customized solutions specific to each client’s unique challenges and market demands. Sample programs include:

  • Environmental assessment of business operations and facilities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting
  • Employee engagement strategy and implementation
  • Maximization of “green team” effectiveness
  • Life-cycle assessment of products or services
  • Evaluation of stakeholder interests and concerns
  • Quantification and reporting of carbon emissions
  • Performance measurement strategies

processdiagramStrategy Development
Using sustainability as a lens, we comprehensively assess operations, new business channels and new ways of serving customers. We ensure our clients are making fact-based decisions with an understanding of resulting business value, and an eye toward measurable results.
Environmental Assessment and Program Design
Paydirt’s comprehensive assessment process evaluates clients’ performance with respect to waste production; use of toxins and chemicals; greenhouse gas emissions; and consumption of energy, water and other natural resources. Through the design and implementation of environmental impact reduction programs, Paydirt helps clients advance market share and profits, meet or surpass customer demands and recruit and retain the very best talent.

Strategic CSR Communications
Regular and effective communications are vital to the success of any sustainability initiative. Paydirt’s strategic and integrated approach to communications ensures that our clients are capitalizing on the full value of their sustainability efforts and are responding to the demands of key stakeholders in meaningful and effective ways.
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