Paydirt’s integrated approach to strategic communications helps our clients capitalize on the full value of their corporate responsibility efforts and build relationships with key stakeholders in authentic, meaningful and lasting ways.

CSR Reporting

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Crafting an effective CSR report is both an art and a science – a blend of facts and feelings. A well-executed CSR report encapsulates how a business interacts with the world and paints a persuasive picture for how it is working to improve that interaction.

Most companies are comfortable with the process of compiling financial data, but few have a foolproof methodology for aggregating CSR data. Paydirt helps clients develop a manageable process for collecting quantitative and qualitative data for their next report, as well as increasing transparency in future reports.

In collaboration with our strategic partners, we also produce full-scale CSR reports that leverage the very latest trends and best practices, and prioritize the issues that are most material to your industry and stakeholders.

CSR Report Activation

Developing a CSR report is a bit like running a marathon. After months of planning, data aggregation, writing, design and editing, the reporting team is left panting (and exhausted) at the finish line. Unfortunately, the real value of the report comes after it is published.

Don’t let your report idle dormant on a shelf or passive Web page! Paydirt helps companies develop and execute strategic communications plans that turn CSR reports into high-impact vehicles for meaningful engagement with key audiences like investors, customers, NGOs, media and employees – your company’s best brand ambassadors.

Sustainable Marketing and Promotions

CSR communications also shouldn’t be limited to a report that is published once a year. Let our CSR experts help you derive even more value from your sustainability efforts by drawing from a variety of channels and platforms to promote your green product, service or program:

  • External Communications Planning
  • External Communications Toolkits and Messaging
  • Media Relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Promotions and Events