Recognizing the environmental and social issues material to your business is critical. Paydirt sustainability advisors can educate your team on industry-specific and general sustainability trends, guide you through a process of competitive benchmarking, and help you identify market risks and opportunities. We work with clients to assess their unique needs and then develop a sustainability strategy that resonates with internal and external stakeholders, and advances key business objectives.

In cost cutting mode?
Put your efforts toward environmental initiatives that reduce energy costs, consumption of resources and waste generation.

Going through a period of high growth?
Focus on sustainability initiatives that will help fuel recruiting and retention efforts and create operational efficiencies.

Expanding to new markets?
Launch a sustainability program that can yield new and better ways of serving customers.

Facing stiff competition?
Leverage your environmental and social efforts to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Paydirt’s Sustainability Opportunity Analysis (SOA) is a practical, cost-effective approach to evaluating the impact and business value of your past, present and future environmental initiatives. Based on real world experience and leading-edge competitive research, we provide an objective assessment of your current state and mine for opportunities to realize greater success through sustainability. SOA will help your company achieve a competitive advantage and strengthen relationships with key audiences.

SOA’s core categories include:

We’ll provide you with a strategic roadmap to guide your future sustainability efforts.